Tealium is the leader in enterprise tag management and real-time customer data solutions. Tealium enables organizations to power better, more meaningful interactions with their customers across any digital touch point.

Tealium’s customer data platform, comprised of tag management, audience management and enrichment, and enterprise data services, enables marketers to connect data across their entire technology stack and seamlessly take action on that data within their marketing applications.  Leveraging the full power of real-time data, marketers using Tealium can build the most comprehensive view of their customers and drive relevant, right-time customer engagement.

We enable brands to:

Build a single view of the customer to take action in every channel, including on site, mobile, email, search, display, etc.

Leverage robust segmentation and profile enrichment capabilities that power real-time audience creation

Take real-time action across the technologies they already use

Unlock clean, correlated data feeds to make them accessible across an organization

Our specialties:

  1. Enterprise-class tag management, complete with an industry-leading number of turnkey vendor integrations
  2. Unification of digital data across any number of sources and marketing technology applications
  3. Real-time audience creation, segmentation, and management
  4. Data and profile enrichment
  5. Deep, native integrations with an ecosystem of leading technology platforms to enable seamless, immediate action



11085 Torreyana Road
San Diego, CA 92121
Main: (858) 779-1344

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