Targeto Inc.

Targeto provides an omnichannel cookie-less marketing platform for digital marketers and agencies to create and manage ad campaigns to retarget existing as well as prospective customers on the web and mobile devices.

Offering a centralized SaaS platform for native, search, social, call and video advertising on ad networks such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Gemini. Targeto helps digital marketers improve conversion rate, save time and valuable ad dollars. Advertisers can enjoy greater customer loyalty and achieve higher ROI.

We enable brands to:

- Manage the complexity of custom audience targeting, ad creation, and campaign creation by providing a single dashboard for managing their ad campaigns.

- Launch relevant campaigns in less time across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Yahoo where people spend most of their time online. 

- Modify campaign strategies according to their preferences for each ad network.

- Securely use their custom audience data - email and phone numbers by encrypting through SHA-256 or directly uploading hashed values on our platform.

Our Specialties:

- Centralized interface for creation and management of ad campaigns across various ad networks. 

- Email retargeting through native ads to combat the ad-blocking softwares.

- Call Tracking of prospects retargeted through call ad campaigns.

- In-depth reporting of ad campaigns on network level, campaign-wise reporting, call number reporting and call log reporting.

- Data Vendors can distribute or sell custom audience list directly to affiliate users through our Affiliate Partner Program.


388 Market Street

Suite 1300

San Francisco, CA 94111