Marin Software

Marin Software Incorporated provides a leading cross ­channel performance advertising cloud for advertisers and agencies to measure, manage and optimize more than $7 billion in annualized ad spend across the web and mobile devices.

Offering an integrated SaaS platform for search, display and social advertising, Marin helps digital marketers improve financial performance, save time, and make better decisions. Advertisers use Marin to create, target, and convert precise audiences based on recent buying signals from users' search, social and display interactions.

We enable brands to:

  • Manage the increasing complexity of digital advertising by giving you a single dashboard and simple control panel to manage your Search, Social and Display campaigns
  • Launch relevant campaigns across global publishers at scale through powerful cross ­publisher marketing features
  • Uncover more revenue from their online and offline data by providing an open platform and data partner ecosystem
  • Modify bidding strategies in one channel based on interactions in other channels
  • Leverage a world ­class infrastructure to act on massive data sets and accurately attribute value across their acquisition funnel
  • To spend less time in spreadsheets and more time managing results

Our Specialties:

  • Combining marketer’s cross­ channel data to gain a complete path to conversion view for your most valuable audiences
  • Helping our customers target their highest value audiences across Search, Social and Display
  • Marin’s advertising cloud further refines your audiences by capturing and layering consumer intent, demographic and behavioral buying signals with your proprietary marketing cloud data
  • Predictive bidding algorithm and intelligent recommendations that provide powerful automation while preserving control for the marketer
  • Automatically generating product inventory driven campaigns and bid to revenue goals
  • Optimizing for more revenue through multi-­channel attribution, predictive bidding tools and financial

Minimum Monthly Budget:
Marin Enterprise: $150,000
Marin Pro: $10,000


123 Mission Street, #25
San Francisco, CA 94117 

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