ESV Digital

ESV Digital (formerly eSearchvision), is a digital performance and consulting agency, specialized in the collection, analysis and the treatment of data in order to improve the marketing performance of our clients. Our agency is structured around 3 complementary axes of expertise: Data Analytics, Digital Consulting and Marketing.

Our expertise in data analysis enables us to offer high-class services to our client regarding web analysis, performance media buying, brand strategy and digital strategy consulting. Our data analysts, consultants and marketing experts look at your business differently: we collect and analyze your data and help you to understand it in order to attract, convert and retain more clients. To achieve this, we built our own SEM platform which can be used either in self-service or by our in-house experienced account management team.

We enable brands to:

  • Manage in a single place all marketing campaigns (search & display) over various search engines
  • Make bulk creation, update and duplication to avoid losing time on administrative and tool work
  • Improve productivity and focus on core business activities using automated report generation, audits and business alerts
  • Get clear business view on digital performance thanks to catalog and dashboard features
  • Promote an up to date product inventory using our product feed management feature
  • Improve their ads and keep only the most efficient ones thanks to our AB testing engine
  • Easily optimize their performance using our custom bidding strategies

Our Specialties:  

  1. Push marketing performance data automatically into our clients regular excel files so that they keep monitoring digital marketing performance the way they are used to do
  2. Generate & update automatically shopping campaign based on company product inventory
  3. Bring a business layer (brand, universe, manufacturer, product type…) on top of digital marketing campaigns to ease business strategic decisions


18 Rue de Londres
75009 Paris France

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