Ensighten is the leader in omni-channel data and tag management, helping global brands change the way they collect, own and act on their customer data across all digital touch points.

Ensighten’s data platform includes enterprise tag management, mobile app deployment and optimization, and universal customer profile creation and activation. Using these services, organizations can achieve true one-to-one personalization, accelerate the execution and optimization of their marketing initiatives, and deliver superior user experiences.

We enable brands to:

  • Seamlessly deploy and manage any third-party digital marketing technology with superior privacy and security controls
  • Leverage a no-SDK approach for deploying mission-critical technologies within mobile apps, including 150+ analytics solutions
  • Unify their siloed marketing applications and fragmented customer data sources, including onsite, offsite, mobile, and offline touch points, to create a truly holistic view of the customer
  • Build universal customer profiles that can be shared with other marketing execution systems for real-time action and impact

Our Specialties:

  1. True enterprise-class tag management, with nearly 1,000 turnkey vendor integrations, among the highest in the industry, and comprehensive reporting
  2. Superior data privacy and security controls that tests tag performance, prevent data leakage, and deliver enhanced governance
  3. Mobile app deployment and optimization, leveraging a patented no-SDK approach that requires no code updates or resubmissions to the app store
  4. Ability to collect first-party customer data from off-site sources, including display, email, videos, and much more.
  5. Data and profile enrichment, using calculated attributes and offline customer data onboarding



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