Yahoo Sponsors ChannelAdvisor Catalyst Americas 2015

Yahoo and ChannelAdvisor team up often to educate and serve their joint customers. Most recently, Yahoo joined ChannelAdvisor in Las Vegas for Catalyst Americas 2015. Catalyst Americas is ChannelAdvisor’s annual e-commerce conference that brings together some of the most innovative minds in the industry to discuss current and upcoming trends, best practices and much more. Members of Yahoo’s search and native advertising team spoke at the 2015 conference and provided valuable insight on the best digital marketing strategies to increase return on ad spend.

  • Brian Hedrick Shares Yahoo Gemini Insights

    Brian Hedrick shared valuable insights and suggestions as part of a very well attended session titled “Bid Low, Sell High.”

  • Yahoo Gemini Booth at Catalyst Americas 2015

    Members of the Yahoo team provided Catalyst attendees an opportunity to see the latest Yahoo Gemini advertising offerings at the Yahoo booth.

  • Yahoo Gemini Booth at Catalyst Americas 2015

    Steven Van Note, from Yahoo, shared insight and strategy, to a packed audience looking to hear more about all the latest advertising offerings from Yahoo.