Brax Software

Brax enables native advertising at scale by providing a single platform for bulk management, unified reporting and rule-based goal optimization across sources. Combine campaign performance with existing engagement, conversion and sales data to automate budget, bid and publisher adjustments.

Brax provides streamlined management of content distribution across Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent and others. Connect multiple accounts to manage multiple brands while adding multiple users with access permissions. Use Google Analytics or import internal business analytics data for attribution at the campaign, ad and publisher level then create rules to optimize based on engagement and cost per action goals.

Brax API is a simple solution to manage creation, reporting and optimizing across multiple sources with a single integration. Leverage internal business intelligence and external AI to adjust marketing campaigns through programmatic API calls.

We enable brands to:

●      A/B test creative variations for each piece of content across campaigns and networks

●      Bulk management across sources with the Native Power Editor℠

●      Define campaign goals to automate every aspect of campaign optimization

●      Create dayparting schedules to adjust budgets and bids based on hourly performance

●      Connect multiple accounts to manage multiple brands or companies from a single platform

●      Manage multiple users with permissions to control access and track changes

●      Import data from existing systems to streamline analysis & optimization

●      Connect internal systems to all native platforms through a single API integration

Our Specialties:

●      A/B Test Creatives

●      Bulk Campaign Management

●      Rule Based Goal Optimization

●      Unified Reporting & Attribution

●      Agency Support: Multiple Accounts & User Permissions

●      Import Data from Any Source

●      Universal Native API


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